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Services Offered

Swedish Massage

A therapeutic, relaxing massage

50-minute Swedish Massage $70

80-minute Swedish Massage $100


Warm Stone Massage

The use of the warm stones throughout the massage helps to unlock tension deep within your muscles

50-minute Warm Stone Massage $95

80-minute Warm Stone Massage $125

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Prenatal Massage

A relaxing massage safe for mother and baby

50-minute Prenatal Massage $90

80-minute Prenatal Massage $120

Young pregnant woman relaxing at Spa sal

Deep Tissue Massage

A deeper, firmer pressure massage

50-minute Deep Tissue Massage $80

80-minute Deep Tissue Massage $110


Bamboo Massage

Bamboo sticks are incorporated throughout this massage to enhance relaxation

50-minute Bamboo Massage $90

80-minute Bamboo Massage $120



30-minute Cupping $35 (excludes Prenatal Massage)

30-minute Reflexology $30

10-minute Scalp Massage $10

Complimentary aromatherapy included with each session.


Gratuity is not included but greatly appreciated.

24 hour cancellation policy required.

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